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Embracing failure at our exhibition Two Teams No Cup

exhibitions, books & magazines



Interactive Storytelling Meetup #21

Hermitage - Next level in museum education

creative strategy, website


A virtual archeology exhibition

Augmented reality app Onder De Krook

Waternet - Three partners unified under one strong brand

visual identity, creative strategy

A renewed perspective on world cultures

creative strategy, dynamic identities

A tasty history of Antwerp

visual identity, exhibitions


Interactive Storytelling Meetups

Hand spaced typography for an arthouse film distributor

typography, motion design

Animation reflected in a new identity

visual identity, campaigns



Augmented Reality Techno Opera


BotStory: Futurist Cookbook

New recipes and rituals for the digital age

A photo exhibition in all streets of the world

visual identity, exhibitions

1 visual identity for two merging broadcast stations

visual identity, dynamic identities

Area based identity for Beijing Design Week 2015

visual identity, event style

A revealing identity

visual identity, typography

Scientific projects with impact

books & magazines, typography

1563 square meters of design

signage & wayfinding

A different way of learning, a different way of wayfinding

signage & wayfinding, branding

Fluctuation in blood glucose levels flows through its story

campaigns, typography

Edgy visuals for a festival all across China

event style, books & magazines

Russia's first design­ museum

visual identity, branding


50,000 members for HUMAN!

Art in the centre of social agitation

visual identity, books & magazines

Authority on art and public domain

visual identity, website

An agile design agency

exhibitions, campaigns

The largest international summit ever held in the Netherlands

visual identity, website


Lava Lab at Northside festival Brooklyn, NYC

A logo and icon at the same time

apps & mobile, campaigns

2013: Dutch-Russian bilateral year

branding, event style


Interactive Storytelling Meetups

Exponential growth in IT law

visual identity, website


visual identity, typography


visual identity, copywriting

A conference you wil never never never forget

visual identity, event style